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                    PPolyurea Joint Fillers are used to fill concrete saw-cut joints,

construction joints and random cracks in concrete floors. 

SSP manufactures 100% solids pure polyurea joint fillers with high elongation and hardness.  Application methods vary from mechanical plural pump,  600ml side-by-side cartridges, or by our innovative and versatile E-Z Pour System.   Our products are self-leveling during application.  They can be shaved flush in as little as 15-30 minutes after installation or the following day. Since our materials contain no urethane they are easy to shave and attain maximum elongation avoiding splitting and adhesion failures typical of many polyureas,  In addition, our polyurea products are completely moisture tolerant and will not swell in the presence of moisture. *SSP-100 Joint Filler is available in 600ml side by side cartridges 10 & 110 gallon kits

Advantages of SSP Polyureas

    100% Pure Polyurea      Moisture-Tolerant - Does Not Swell     Rapid Applications & Set Times     Cold Applications to Below  -20° F     Excellent Abrasion Resistance     High Impact Resistance

"Pure" vs. "Hybrid" Polyurea

It's the urethane in polyurea joint products that make the joints swell.Urethane are highly moisture intolerant. Urethane also reduces the tensile elongation in joint fillers. causing them to "zipper" or split from the sidewalls of the joint in a relatively short time after installation.  Urethane cures hard quickly and makes the joint much more difficult to shave after only a few hours.  SSP products contain no urethane.  It is 100% Pure Polyurea. Have you ever tried to shake a cartridge like they recommend to mix it?  It does lower the price though.

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